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CfA: 1 Doc / 2 Postdoc Positions “Females’s Labour Activism in Eastern Europe” (CEU)

CfA: 1 Doc / 2 Postdoc Positions “Females’s Labour Activism in Eastern Europe” (CEU)

Two Postdoctoral roles plus one position that is doctoralduration 36 months each)

Women’s labour activism in Eastern Europe and transnationally, from the chronilogical age of empires into the belated twentieth century (Acronym: ZARAH, ERC Advanced give)

Project Explanation

ZARAH explores a brief history of women’s labour activism and organizing to boost labour conditions and life circumstances of reduced and working class females and their communities—moving these females through the margins of labour, gender, and European history into the centre of historical research.ZARAH’s research rationale is rooted within the curiosity about the discussion of sex, course, as well as other measurements of huge difference ( ag e.g. ethnicity and faith) as forces that shaped women’s activism. It addresses the sex bias in labour history, the course bias in sex history, together with local bias in European history. ZARAH conceives of women’s labour activism as growing through the confluence of neighborhood, nation-wide, border-crossing and worldwide initiatives, interactions and networking. It studies this activism into the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires, the nation that is post-imperial, and through the Cold War together with years thereafter. Having a long-term and trans-regional viewpoint, ZARAH sjust hows exactly how a brief history of various social upheavals, and changing edges and governmental systems shaped the agency for the ladies learned, and examines their contribution towards the fight for socio-economic addition therefore the creating of gender-, labour-, and social policies.

ZARAH comprises, as well as the PI, a group that is international of and doctoral scientists at CEU, distinguished by their exemplary command associated with history and languages regarding the area. ZARAH is comprised of a internet of component and collaborative studies, such as all appropriate sets of activists and activisms, period the whole area, and cover the time involving the 1880s and also the 1990s. It’ll create key research resources that can be obtained to all or any pupils and scholars.

The jobs marketed now each include, as well as the collaborative work, a focus on a single component research. The component studies involve a give attention to both a region that is specific associated trans- and worldwide connections and arranging.

Applications are invited for three positions that incorporate one of several after studies that are component

Women’s labor activism within the Galician and Polish lands and internationally, 1880s to 1920s (general thematic area)

Women’s work activism when you look at the (former) Hungarian lands and internationally, 1890s to 1930s (general thematic area)

Women’s work activism into the (post-)Yugoslav lands and internationally, 1900s to 1940s (basic thematic area)

Each place may be filled variably with a Doctoral Researcher or a Postdoctoral Researcher.

Candidates are invited, in conversation with all the Principal Investigator, to produce their very own task within one of this basic thematic areas suggested above.

Being a step that is first potential candidates are invited to get hold of the key Investigator, Susan Zimmermann,, having an email that is informal that they fleetingly describe their attention in another of the roles, and attach their CV. Each potential applicant will be contacted in due program.

Employment is by using Kцzйp-eurуpai Egyetem (KEE), the cousin entity of Central European University (CEU) in Hungary (see additionally: Due to the fact certification procedure of CEU Private University (Vienna, Austria) proceeds, ZARAH could be used in this entity that is new.

Inquiries (s. above) and applications are invited for the after three jobs:

1 Doctoral Researcher:Entry date 1 August, 2020Duration is 3 yearsType of engagement: work contractGross salary that is annual Budapest, about 14,400 EUR; Vienna, about 23,000 EUR

2 Postdoctoral ResearchersEntry date is variable and includes the next options: 1 February 2020; 1 August 2020; 1 February 2021Duration is 3 yearsType of engagement: work contractGross russianbrides salary that is annual Budapest, roughly 41,000 EUR; Vienna, roughly 49,000 EUR

Application due date: 15 2019 september

Susan ZimmermannCentral UniversityH-1051 that is european Budapest Nбdor utca 9