Report problem

Report a problem

You can report a problem with an agent, adjuster or an agency. To submit a complaint to our office, we require that you provide us with the following, in writing:

Your name in full, your mailing address, email address, and a daytime telephone number; a summary of your concerns, including the names of the companies and/or individuals who you are complaining about; and your policy number and your claim number, if applicable.

Send all complaints to

Once a file has been opened and assigned to an investigator, we may ask you to send us copies of letters and e-mails, insurance policies, and any other documents which may assist us in our investigation.

You will only be contacted during the course of an investigation if the investigator requires more information and/or documentation from you.

At the conclusion of the investigation, you will be advised whether we will be closing our file or whether we will be pursuing disciplinary action against the agent, agency, adjuster or adjusting firm which was the subject matter of your complaint.

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