Insurance in Nigeria: An Untapped Goldmine

Insurance is a groundbreaking discovery not just in people economics but, in the general standard of living, Nigeria leads a couple of other countries that have not yet tapped into this goldmine. The most recent research put the number of Nigerians that subscribe to insurance at 0.2 percent. Sometimes, numbers alone do not deliver the […]

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Straight Talk: Is Insurance like Gambling?

It is a clear fact that majority of Nigerians do not subscribe to insurance and a very substantial reason behind this is that many consider it as gambling. To an average Nigerian, when he thinks insurance, he thinks gambling, and not being ready to engage in such practice, he prefers to rather enjoy life to […]

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Is Insurance Practical for the Poor?

The question of the applicability of insurance to the poor is an ongoing debate which has continuously raised concerns for people who barely fend for themselves. One would ask how would someone who can barely meet his daily needs, be invited to come embark on an insurance scheme. Many are of the view that insurance […]

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