National Insurance Conference 2019

National Insurance Conference 2019

The business world is witnessing an age of dramatic change characterized by evolving business models and propelled by technological innovation and disruption. Disruption is an inevitable critical element of the evolution of technology with both positive and negative effects. The nature of disruption could be massive and rapid with damning consequences for businesses. Disruption could be global and could affect any industry without warning, altering product lines, services and/or business models in fundamental ways. Business leaders are expected to be well equipped to make the right decisions and take steps towards emerging stronger while exploiting the positives of disruption.

The theme and sub themes of the Conference were selected to equip Business Managers with the requisite knowledge to understand the disruptive characteristics of innovation. A thorough understanding of innovation and disruption will make it easier to take decisions that would ensure business survival. There is a need for the promotion of uncommon norms, customs, laws, regulations and policies, that would facilitate the development of products and services along their value chain. The conference brings to the table issues not only affecting the Insurance Industry, but other sub-sectors of the Financial Service Sector and the National Economy at large.

Who Attends

This programme is opened to the public.

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Fees: ₦60,000.00

Registration is mandatory.